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what's an as-built

What's an As-built drawing you ask?

An as-built is an integral part of the structure's past and current state. Over time the structure will undergo several changes or up-fits that will not be reflected in the original design. As implied, an As-built drawing describes how the structure appears today. In fact 9 times out of 10 the original structure has changed many times due to tenant needs, improvements and highest and best use of the property, just to name a few. Proportionally as the structure changes the square footage or area changes as well which leads us to the second reason why an as-built is needed. Building owners want to maximize as much rent-able area as possible and knowing what the current usable area is critical in determining accurate tenant space revenue. 

New technology such as laser measuring devices paired with Bluetooth communicating and proprietary field tablets have raised the bar for accuracy. The old steel tape is out, now we can obtain accurate  measurements that can be obtained to the nearest 1/32".  This will also reveal the true structure's envelope within the as-built over what was originally designed. 

Who benefits from an As-built drawing you ask? 

Building owners, prospective buyers, tenants, real estate professionals, Architects, Engineers, construction trades and attorneys. 

Current As-built drawings and up-to-date property brochures are great selling tools only if they are accrue and depict the true representation of the space! If future improvements are needed an as-built drawing is the first prerequisite in the up-fit / improvement process of the space.  

What are other uses for an as-built?

Evacuation & Fire safety plans, (MEP) Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing,  Systems plan locations, space planning and many more.....

How often should an As-built  be done?

If you know improvements have been done to the structure then an as-built is needed. More importantly area calculations of the improved space may affect the whole structure if common areas are involved.  

Why is a current As-built a great ROI return on investment?

An entire structure As-built  preformed in the last 2 years can provide an excellent ROI due to leading edge technology calculating area and accurately representing rent-able area.  If an As-built has not been performed within this timeframe most likely you are using outdated area calculations, which means less rental and sales revenues. 


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