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Field As-built Surveyor / Autocad Drafting Professionals

 Note: the form below and CAD test that follows is mandatory to be considered for this position! 


The Asbuilt Company is growing and looking for field as-built surveyors / Autocad drafting professionals to add to our team in several geographical areas. 
Please complete our form below to be considered for this position. Veterans will be given first preference.  This is a fun and rewarding position that offers a variety for both office 
and field environment settings.  Please allocate at least 15 minutes to complete all necessary information. Desktop viewing may be necessary. After we receive your  information 
someone  from our  HR department will contact you if there is a fit. 


  • Measure and draft existing facilities on-site to scale using AutoCad
  • Must be proficient with AutoCad and Architectural standards
  • Provide photos for key areas of facility per project scope
  • Follow project scope, procedures and checklists with a high degree of accuracy 
  • Projects may involve travel to several client locations in the same geographical area
  • Highly disciplined self-starter that's deadline focused with excellent time management skills



  • Laser meter, Laptop with AutoCad & Camera required before or on day of hire for contract.
  • Excellent communication, organizational, problem solving, attention
    to detail and analytical skills
  • Good work ethic and attendance 
  • Willingness to submit to a pre-employment background check and drug screening, as well as random screening during employment 
  • Possess valid driverís license and be at least 21 years of age (for car rental purposes if needed) 
  • Eligible to work in the US

- Example Project -
Please provide you answers in the form titled Example Test

Project Scope:
The client had requested an as-built that will require overall dimensions of the structure, all interior walls located  along with door & window locations with area/sq. ft.  Photos of key areas are needed as well, per your checklist. The shape of the structure is unknown until your site visit. A checklist is provided within your project scope to follow. 

1 - What are your steps or procedures when you arrive on site? Describe a starting point. 

2 - How will you gather your field information as you measure the structure? Describe your methodology & tools you will be using.  

3 - Accuracy is very important as we are documenting an as-is condition of the structure. How will you assure accuracy in your work?

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