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Multi-Site As-Builts / Existing condition Drawings 

 A Multi-Site single client as-builts usually are derived form core industries like fast food, retail, hospitality and banking. The continued growth in the last several years for chain stores and franchises has created an up-tick nationwide for our services.  Whether they are rolling-out new store locations, or re-branding an old image, our clients need a consistent and reliable process for obtaining the necessary specific location information, i.e. existing condition floor plan layout, MEP, Elevations, Photo documentation, RCP and site plan.

 Based in Charlotte NC, how does The Asbuilt Company procure multi-site geographic services?

 We have a network of over 75 professional surveyors throughout the U.S. that can be deployed for your Multi-Site as-built survey programs.   We offer architects, internal design teams, project and construction managers a single point of contact to obtain all of their As-Built site surveys nationwide, with uniform service quality and a fixed pricing structure.  Our client portal provides a visual real-time geographical map system displaying specific site attributes matching project scopes of completed projects in color coded markers vs. incomplete scheduled projects that will enable forecasting.  As these projects are completed they are placed into our password protected client CloudFile for easy retrieval and shared by the variety of professionals involved in the project or archived for future reference. 

 What’s the expertise level of your field surveyors?

 Our surveyors have a minimum 5 years experience in architecture / engineering.  Before hiring they are subjected to a battery of tests and on-going training to be certified within our company standards.

 What’s your process and how do we get started?

 Before initiating the project a Pilot Assessment Program (PAP) for selected site(s) in a determined region is developed to define the scope and gather mission critical data going forward. Once an analytical map has been established and a good client comfort level has been achieved of the scope, process and deliverables we move into the initial phases of the project that involve regional separation and scheduling, RSS.  





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